Gate B29

Location of Gate B29

Farewell America, we’re flying home on SWISS A-330 Sarnen.


Is it just me noticing that our gate bears the name of a superfortress…?

Finally, our flight WASN’T cancelled #bug #swiss #flyswiss_us

Jumped on a Citibike to roam around Williamsburg one ladt time and found the Brooklyn Brewery! Shame the tasting only takes place in the evening… (source)

Too much info

Google got us worried last night. A notification on our lock screens mentionned that our flight LX 23 was cancelled. Sure enough, the Swiss app displayed it as cancelled, so did JFK’s flight departure board.

Cancelled notice
Cancelled notice

I called Swiss customer centre in Geneva (the JFK number lead me nowhere) and was told the flight was running as planned. I asked Swiss US via Twitter and was given the same answer.

Weird, no? I hadn’t received any warning from Swiss by SMS like I did last October (remember?) but then, I wasn’t sure of the reliability of Swiss’ SMS relay system: I’d checked in earlier and none of us received our mobile boarding pass. I had to revert to email.

This morning I wake to find the flight is operational as planned (Google, Swiss app, JFK flights, etc…) What is going on? System bug?

If Google wasn’t as good as it is in anticipating your next move, I wouldn’t have picked it up and would have slept better and longer (I wouldn’t be writing this post for one).

All seems good. The town is waking up to the soft caress of light rain. The clouds over ESB are pink and purple. Good morning NYC.

Took the East River Ferry down to DUMBO and rented Citibikes to ride the Brooklyn Piers. Warmest day since we arrived (34C feels like 44C) (source)