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You’ve reached the end of our Californian tumblelog. What now? You can either jump back to the first entry, get an overview of all the entries by exploring the archives or simply browse the photos. For a list of the places we visited, check the entries tagged #foursquare. Thanks for following us these last few weeks, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.


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Travel stats

Days of travel : 29
Planes taken : 6 over 25'065 Km
Cars rented : 3 over 3'671 Km
Hotels : 9 for 10 nights
Airbnb : 5 for 17 nights
Checkins : 171
Photos taken : 4'388 + 3'100 /1927 (david), 650 (fabienne), 586 + 3'100 (mathias/timeslapse), 825 (emma)
Skate and clothes shops visited : a lot

Water drought update

The water drought is getting worse. L.A. is in Phase 2 of a mandatory water-conservation ordinance. Among other restrictions, that means watering no more than three times a week and never on Saturdays and not being able to wash a car unless one uses a “self-closing water shutoff nozzle.” (Los Angeles Times).

@xkcd has an interesting infographic:

xkcd Carifornia


We’re flying Lady Penelope today :)

Lady Penelope

We’ll shorty be landing in London Heathrow a little ahead of time after a smooth flight. I watched “Divergente” on Mathias and Emma’s advice and slept most of the time with my new noise cancelling earbuds plugged in. They work well, but tend to get a little uncomfortable after several hours of use. I need to try the other sizes.


We weren’t able to register our luggage through to GVA so we’ll have to go through immigration, baggage claim, change terminal, check in and security… darnabbit.

We’ll be back home in a few hours and back to work tomorrow. It feels strange after talking and preparing this trip for so long, to realise it’s over.

When I think about all the great places we’ve seen and been to, all the countryside we’ve driven through, I feel dazzled.

We’ve made real memories. How fortunate we are to be able to live times like these.

LAX mishap

We’ve checked in and completed the TSA security check and are waiting for our VS008 flight to London Heathrow in LAX’s Terminal 2.

The ride up to LAX was smooth and Hertz return was easy as pie. The shuttle bus dropped us at Virgin’s check in 45 minutes before the desk opened. Half an hour in, I suddenly realised my Timbuk2 backpack was missing (ouch). It turned out, I’d forgotten it in the shuttle bus.

LAX Sign

Not sure what happened, but my brain mustn’t have registered that we had an additional piece of luggage, so walking out of the bus with two bags, it didn’t trigger an alarm.

I searched Hertz’s contact phone, and only found recorded computer messages. I managed to get hold of a Hertz bus driver that broadcasted my missing bag in bus #68 and told me to go down to arrivals. There, another Hertz driver told me that bus #79 was bringing my bag in at departures.

I rushed up again and ran the terminal length to look out for bus #79, and true as pie, my bag was aboard, tagged found by Francine.

Sweating, but happy, I returned to Virgin’s check in desk in time to check in.